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Megan Hudson Buccere (pronounced bus era) is a narrative painter who works primarily in soft pastels and oils. She attended Louisiana State University, holds a BS in Art Education, and has taught advanced and talented high school art for the past 20 years. Buccere's painting style features soft surreal works that blur the line between beauty and fear, creating stunning pieces with an edge.  Her use of coincidental, accidental, and unexpected connections, such as her use of strings, multiple hands, and all knowing eyes, often leaves viewers orphaned with a mix of conflicting feelings and thoughts. In addition to surreal paintings and sculpture, Buccere also works continuously on her "oracle series" that focuses on animals and their spiritual connection to humans.  

Megan's current work (2015- present) has largely dealt with breaking free from anxiety and depression.
“My daily struggle through anxiety has brought me through isolation, melancholy, and eventually the cathartic release of its grip, all of which I seek to express through the details of my work.  The oil paintings’ sticky strings represent my sense of understanding of how anxiety appears and its hold of every aspect of my life.  Additionally, the strings connect different facets of my life, seeming to strangle me and other sufferers.  I also use natural elements such as encroaching flora and fauna to describe my feelings of being stuck in a repetitive cycle of worry and fear.   The soft pastels and small bits of dust-like metallic leaf drifting through some of the works represents the lifting of the anxiety and my emergence from its disorienting fog.”

I don't post pictures of myself much so

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UPCOMING / PREVIOUS GROUP EXHIBITIONS:(Updated version coming soon)

February 2021 Talon Gallery Portland "Ascent"

group exhibition

Antler Gallery Portlant "Brink" group exhibition

January 2019: Gristle Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY ACEO group show

October 2019 Cactus Gallery, LA California 'Mercy' group exhibition exploring the dark aspects of religion and faith

October 2018: Dark Arts Exhibition Group Show  Labodega Gallery SD, CA

2018 : Dark Art Emporium Long Beach, CA 2 themed group exhibitions

March 2018: Treo New Orleans 'NSFW' group exhibition

2018: Future Gallery, MI   'NouSurrealism' Group Exhibition

Oct. 2018: Hudson Hughes Gallery 'On a Dark Night' Group Exhibition

Summer 2017:  Modern Eden Gallery SF, CA  'Flower Child' group exhibition

January 2017     Modern Eden  SF, CA   'Lover's Eye' 
group exhibition

October 2016     Alexi Era Gallery, Mo 'Fae' Group                    Exhibition

August 2016     The Healthcare Gallery  BR, LA    'Above                    Reality' 5 person show

August 2016      Haven Gallery, NY 'The Tempest                      Group Exhibition

July 2016        La Bodega Gallery  SD, CA  'Frida' group exhibition

 March 2016       La Bodega Gallery  SD, CA 'Venus'                      Group show

March 2016       Modern Eden Gallery SF, CA      'Oil and Dust' SOLO exhibition 

February 2016    Geometries CCV Group Show Sally                  Centigrade Denver,CO


December 2015  Biennial Group Show Cotton Candy Machine NY,NY

December 2015  Interiors Group Show CCV at Gristle Art Gallery Brooklyn,NY

November 2015  Prints on Wood Group Show at Distinction Gallery CA

November 2015  Interiors Copycat Violence at Gristle Art Gallery Brooklyn,NY

October 2015     Alexi Era Gallery, MO Amore Vincit Omnia

July 2015  La Bodega Gallery SD,CA 'Frida' Group Show

June 2015         Alexi Era Gallery, MO 'Emanate' Group Show

June 2015       Penumbra Gallery Portugal  'Ghost Stories' Copycat Violence Group Show

June 2015    Auguste Clown  Australia  6x6' Group Show

May 2015   Modern Eden Gallery SF, CA   Golden Group Show

April 2015    Gristle Art Gallery Brooklyn, NY Cimmerian Group Show

March 2015        Gristle Art Gallery Brooklyn, NY    Illustrated Death Group Show

Feb. 2015     Bash Contemporary, CA Myth Magic and Lore Group Show

Dec. 2014 Modern Eden Gallery Wanderlust Group Show

 Nov. 2014 Corvidae Collective Gallery Nashville, TN
All Who Wander are not Lost Group Show

Nov. 2014 Arch Enemy Arts Phillidelphia, PA Small Wonders Group Show 

Oct.2014 Modem Eden Gallery .. Chat  Noir Group Show


Sept. 2014 Thumbprint Gallery (TP2) Copycat Violence Art Collective Group Show 'Irrelevant Roots'  SD, California

Aug. 2014 Flower Pepper Gallery 'Artists Across America' group show . CA

June 2014 AlexiEra Gallery 'Panoptic' Group Show, MO



2018 April:  Inked Magazine feature for the Painted Prosthetic Project

2016 Nov.   Hi Fructose Magazine web feature

2015 'Virtuosos of Paint' book published by Trekell Art Supplies

2014   Catapult Art Magazine Featured Artist ISSUE #33


2018: Creativity Award Nominee Consortium 10/31 Baton Rouge,LA

2015 Ann Connelly Fine Art Award Art Melt Baton Rouge LA

2014  Founding Member of Copycat Violence International Art Collective

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